CY : Container Yard
Dongjin Container Terminal Co., Ltd. has been providing CY/CFS service including the service centering in the export and import goods with securing sufficient facilitis the areas of the Free Trade Zone of Busan Gamcheon Harbor, Jaseongdae Terminal Busan and Kyeongin ICD in Uiwang.
We have been providing perfect services meeting various requirements of the consignors
...and shipping companies such as storage, operation, maintenance and repair of
...containers, and management of reefer containers.
We are conducting management of the goods with safety and speed taking advantage of
...the state-of-art container handling equipments.
All of our systematic Yard Management Process enables us to secure an efficient operati
...on of CY with the help of our company's sophisticated computerized work process.
CFS : Container Freight Station
With the establishment of the most advanced CFS facilities in the areas of Gamcheon
...Harbor and Jaseongdae Terminal, we have been providing such services for export and
...import goods and prompt gathering of the goods, storage, and warehousing and delivery of
...the goods.
Location Area Tel
Gamcheon CY in Busan 27,078 82 - 51 - 441 - 7828~9
Gamcheon CFS in Busan
1,975 82 - 51 - 441 - 7828~9
Jaseongdae CY in Busan 9,107 82 - 51 - 639 - 7181~2
Jaseongdae CFS in Busan 3,063 82 - 51 - 639 - 7181~2
Kyeongin ICD CY 7,660 82 - 51 - 461 - 5850~1