1. Growth to total logistics company
Since established in 1953 focusing on port stevedoring, Dongjin Container Terminal Co., Ltd. has expanded its business into Conainer Terminal, warehousing, transportation, port stevedoring and heavy construction equipment rental. Today it becomes one of leading logistics companies.
Over this period, Dongjin Container Terminal co., Ltd. has been awarded numerous prizes due to its significant contributions to the logistics field as well as the national economic dvelopment.
Based on these experiences, we strive to become a total logistics company for 21st centry.
2. The state-of-the-art logistics information System and High-tech fasilities
To provide faster, more exact and safer service for our customers, we have a program of continuous investments in modernizing equipments and installing high-tech freight information system; establishing and operating Busan Jasungdae Terminal and Kyungin ICD branch offices and modernizing container stevedoring, transportation and equipment for bulk freight handling.
3. Leading marine logistics service provider
As a leading company in port stevedoring and container terminal management in Busan, Dongjin Container Terminal co., Ltd. plays a major role in sea port business, managing the container freight of U.A.S.C(sea lane to the Mideast) and K-line(sea lane to the North America and Europe).
We'll do our best to be a leader in this business.
4. Global logistics company for 21C new marin age
Since our HQ is located within the Free trade Zone and connected to pier approved for a large vessel, it has perfect condition as a primary warehouse of LME(London Metal Exchange) and we are pressing forward with the plants to be appointed as a warehouse of LME.
We will forego as a global logistics company matching with 21C new marine age.
5. Customer-oriented Company
Dongjin Container Terminal co., Ltd. will continue to invest our resources in facility expansion and development and will do our best to keep coordinated efforts with our customer so as to become a reliable company.